Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren't always comfortable, but they're never weakness. 
BrenĂ© Brown 
The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change. 
Carl R. Rogers 
However good we are, however correctly we seek to lead our lives, tragedies do occur. We can blame others, look for justification, imagine how our lives would have been different without them. But none of that matters: they have happened, and that is that. From this point on, it is necessary that we review our own lives, overcome fear, and begin the process of reconstruction. 
Carl R. Rogers 
We cannot change, we cannot move away from what we are, until we thoroughly accept what we are. Then change seems to come about almost unnoticed. 
Carl R. Rogers 
Everyone may not be good, but there's always something good in everyone. Never judge anyone shortly because every saint has a past and every sinner has a future. 
Oscar Wilde 
Frequently Asked Questions 
What is Counselling? 
Many of us will have issues in our lives at one time or another with which we struggle to cope, and counselling may be the first step towards getting help. I hope that the following information may help you to decide whether you think that counselling would be a good step forward for you, or for someone you know. 
The Aim of Counselling 
The aim of counselling is to provide a safe and confidential space in which to explore your concerns and feelings, or to reflect on the issues which are affecting you. Your counsellor will create an accepting and non-judgemental environment, where you can be helped to discover what might be the underlying causes of your unhappiness or anxiety. You can work out ways of living more effectively and achieve a greater sense of well-being, all of which will free you to lead a more full and rewarding life. Counselling is a process by which you and your therapist can develop a unique, confidential, supportive relationship. 
Having someone to talk to can be a really effective way of enabling you to take control of your life, work out what is making you feel stuck, overcome whatever issues are impacting negatively on you and move forward. The privacy and confidentially of the therapy room can provide the opportunity to talk about thoughts and feelings which you might otherwise feel unable to share. 
Counselling is about change and growth 
Everyone has worries sometimes, and might feel low or anxious. For many people friends and family provide the ear they need, but there are times when, for many reasons, troubles and anxieties cannot be shared with those close to us. Life can sometimes seem overwhelming or out of control. We may be unable to see a way forward or be experiencing difficulties which stem from things which happened in the past or from present life-changing events. That sense of being out of control can be destabilising and unsettling. 
If you are reading this page, it may be that you have reached the point where you feel things need to improve and that you could do with some help and support in making that happen. Whatever your concerns are at the moment, counselling can give you a calm, private space to think through and make the changes you need to make to regain a sense of control over your life. 
How long is a session and how many will I need? 
A session is 60 minutes long, and the number of sessions will vary from person to person. Sometimes three to six sessions are enough for you to experience significant positive change, but for some people, longer term therapy is what they feel they need. This is something which we can decide on together. 
How long will it take for me to start to feel better? 
This will depend on the particular difficulties you are experiencing. For a lot of people it can be a huge relief even in the first session to be able to share difficulties that you have been dealing with. It is not unusual to go through a time of feeling worse, before one feels better and this can in fact be an important part of the process. Your counsellor is there to support you as you work through difficult periods. 
For an initial chat please give me a call on 07539 393 686 or fill out the form on the contact me page. 
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